Besides product research and design, I embody the wool's discourse by repeating and diffusing gestures, by contaminating various fields and circles of recognition in different countries

Performance as Action Art

Perpetrating essential gestures in different contexts, repeating ancient tasks in the contemporary world is to play with borders of space and time. Permeating seemingly unchangeable settings allows us to project ourselves, encounter the Other, question given parameters and disrupt

Fishing for Fibres is a series of wool-washing acts at sea inspired by the traditional ways of the Islands. Washing wool requires a lot of water and, in the past, was carried out alongside rivers in the mountains or seawater on the shores. Sometimes, herds were taken for a swim before shearing. Washing the wool in the sea recounts the Neolithic way of cleaning the fibre. 

The repetitions of the act and the location connect me to the other, they produce an encounter, project me in time. I connect with imaginary others who did just that act, in this way. A bridge, a trnscendance, an escape through the gesture, the act.