About Us

Something we need to reach today is unity between life and our art practice. (J. Kounellis)  

Polyglot artist, fluent in French, English, Greek, German and Italian. I embody visions with confidence and versatility. Coherence and continuity between beliefs and actions motivate my bridging cultures.  I am a fast learner with creative synapses and an administrative mind, a facilitator prone to get the message across and inspire the audience in a unifying, empowering way.    

Trained as a philologist in Brussels, an arts administrator in Cambridge, holder of a Masters in European Studies from the London School of Economics, she sets off on a music career as a performer and singer of the duet Alcalica.  Over sixteen years, she runs her music label, performs about four hundred concerts, releases eight live CDs and six vinyl albums. 

Enticed with the island of Lesvos, she researches the revalorization of the local wool, a centuries old tradition, from garbage to art work. In this frame she has been invited to art residencies, exhibitions and symposiums. She runs workshops on the wet-felting technique, creates commissioned work and activates the discourse on the local wool  in a contextual practice.