Questioning efficiency or the necessity of the unnecessary. Slip off the conditioned discourse on productivity. Break from the extream with the opposite, roots yes, radical no. 

The series Essential Needs illustrates that, sometimes, things simply need to be done.

Cat Hammock, 2022,110 cm x 25 cm

Azadirachtin,  2022,    22 cm x 18 cm

Azadirachtin is the active agent of neem, aka the plant with the fourty cures , or feedom (azadi) tree

Creatures of the Sea

When soaking the wool overnight in the sea, a tempest may irrupt. The sea moves. She sculpts creatures in the wool. The sea becomes a co-creator and, sometimes, shapes sculptures of her own

Tête de Veau, 2022,  40 cm x 45 cm